Lard (talking about elegant work)


(n.) A refined cooking ingredient obtained from the fatty tissue of a pig. During the 19th century, lard was used in a similar fashion to butter, until the industrial revolution made hydrogenated vegetable oils more common and affordable.

Lard, as an idea is evocative of both greasy unease and delectable comfort.

With a perverse appreciation of this forgotten fat, Commonwealth’s Lard series began as an attempt to investigate these otherwise dismissed, visceral sensibilities. What they produced from this research is a family of furniture consisting of three simple and functional pieces -a bureau, a table and a stacking set of stools.

Thanks to Zoe and David for sending us a lovely copy of their limited edition LARD book/catalogue we deeply apreciate it, and yes …Pot ser, pot ser BCN.

*The Lard series book is a Limited edition numbered book produced by Commonwealth, Graphic designed by Build, and photographed by Timothy Saccenti. NY/London 2008